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New ambient mix – Dreamscape 02

Well it has been about 2.5 years since my last ambient mix recording, so it was high time that I made another one.

Deep ambient soundscapes along with a bit of drones, glitch, and breaks, and a side of a little very light 4/4 to round it out. All chill, all sublime. It is comprised of 16 tracks, is 2 hours and 1 minute in length, and was mixed on CD decks from original media.

You can grab this in either MP3 or AAC format, along with the track list by clicking the DJ Mixes link.

Video of my sitar teacher, Alif Laila

This is a video I made (I did the editing, someone else did the recording) of Alif Laila performing Raag Zilla Kaafi. Enjoy, and check out her CDs on her website!

The video is H.264 format and is 3MB in size. It plays fine in QuickTime.

Watch the video

Downtempo DJ gig tonight in Baltimore

I’m playing for Genrevore tonight from 10pm – 2am at Joe2 Pizza & Bar. Expect good food, good suds, and great music!

Expect dub, electronic lounge, atmospheric dnb, and a smattering of world electronica.

New CDs have arrived

Ah, more fodder for the collection. Today’s batch from PsyShop includes:

  1. Adham Shaikh – Journey To The Sun (Interchill)
  2. Banco De Gaia – Farewell Ferengistan (Disco Gecko)
  3. David Bickley – Still Rivers At night (Psychonavigation)
  4. Digital Samsara – Blue Beryll (Digital Samsara)
  5. Entheogenic – Golden Cap (Chillcode Records)
  6. Gaudi – Testa 1105 (Emit)
  7. Kuba – Inside Out (Dragonfly)
  8. Space Funghi Project – Elektrik Psylocibe Experience (Sirius Records)
  9. Sundial – Metabasis (Flow)
  10. Ten Madison – Grounded (Millenium)
  11. Zero Cult – Art of Harmony (Cosmicleaf Records)
  12. Compilation – A Magical Journey 2 (Ajana)
  13. Compilation – Escape From Chaos (Tempest)
  14. Compilation – Gathering The Tribe (Interchill)
  15. Compilation – Kumharas Vol. 4 (Hoots Records)
  16. Compilation – Oxycanta (Ultimae)
  17. Compilation – Patchuli Sexy Lounge (Moonstone Records)

New ambient dub mix is up.

See Mix 04 on my mixes page for details.

Pictures of Turkey, the eclipse and Soulclipse festival are up

I fixed my gallery and uploaded the pictures that Talia and I took this past week as we travelled around Turkey.

We started out in Istanbul in the old city, then we went on to the Antalya area of southern Turkey to attend the Soulclipse Festival near the small town of SaÄŸrin. There, we camped out in a beautiful rural area, danced day and night, and got to experience a total solar eclipse on the 29th. Since we rented a car, we were able to leave the festival a few times and explore the surrounding region… Climbing up high mountains, playing on golden beaches, and exploring the ruins of a Roman city are among the things we did.

So, without further ado, here are pictures of Istanbul, Soulclipse and other places.

In a separate photo album, my solar eclipse pictures, taken through my solar telescope equipped with a Hydrogen-alpha bandpass filter. Zoom in on them and you’ll see tiny solar prominences.


It’s official: Nation closes on July 16th 2006

The people who run the Alchemy night at Nation Nightclub in DC have posted a statement that affirms the fears of the DC clubbing scene – Nation is closing on July 16th 2006 to make way for the redevelopment of the South Capitol Street area for the new DC baseball stadium.

Update: Buzzlife, who runs the friday night Cübik nights at Nation, has posted their announcement, too.

Update on the sitar lessons

It has been a good two months since I first started taking lessons from Alif, and I’ve been progressing well, learning basic scales and rhythms. Alif is leaving on the 29th for a month to play at concerts in Bengaladesh and India, so to make sure I stay on point with my practice while she’s away, I brought over my MiniDisc recorder and we recorded examples for my homework. Here is a MP3 of that recording in case you’re interested. It covers basic Pa, Ta, Ni, Sa… scales as well as Alankar 2’s and 3’s, and da-di-di-da-ra strumming.

Sitar lessons have begun

Today I met with my new sitar teacher, Alif Laila, for the first time. We spent the evening getting aquainted and going over tuning (Ravi Shankar style) and replacing a string on my sitar. It turns out that she’s a tea freak as well so we talked about our favorite drinks and how music is a true uniter. For the last half of the evening, we went over the basic scale of Sa Re Ga ma Pa Dha Ni Åša using da ra strokes. For now I’m using that to get the mechanics of string plucking and maneuvering my left hand over the frets down. It’s a trying effort but eventually the muscle memory will kick in and I’ll do it perfectly with my eyes closed.

9:30 Club ups price of suds, more venues to follow?

Beer Taps Going The Way of the Gas Pump

That post on the DCist was brought to my attention today.

The markup on booze is the heroin of night club owners. I know that’s where their major operating capital comes from, but $6 for a domestic is just plain out of touch, considering I bought a case of 12 Blue Moon bottles for $28 in Virginia just last week, and Yuengling can be found in stores for about $1.00 – $1.50 a bottle.

If anyone’s really going to suffer from this, it’s going to be the tips bartenders get… though the price increase is no fault of their own.