New ambient mix – Dreamscape 02

Well it has been about 2.5 years since my last ambient mix recording, so it was high time that I made another one.

Deep ambient soundscapes along with a bit of drones, glitch, and breaks, and a side of a little very light 4/4 to round it out. All chill, all sublime. It is comprised of 16 tracks, is 2 hours and 1 minute in length, and was mixed on CD decks from original media.

You can grab this in either MP3 or AAC format, along with the track list by clicking the DJ Mixes link.

One Reply to “New ambient mix – Dreamscape 02”

  1. I love this mix – DREAMSCAPE_02.
    Sometimes you might want to listen to music that allows you to gently flow along with it, rather then being locked into a fast tempo that pushes you along. DREAMSCAPE 02 allows you to kick the feet back and mellow out a little as the synthesis textures and drones allow your mind to just drift.

    Great stuff !! Mr B. (Australia)

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