PlaneWave Tools

PlaneWave Tools is a plugin for NINA that controls the DeltaT heaters and EFA-controlled fans that are present on PlaneWave OTAs. The intent of this plugin is to allow you to ensure that the DeltaT and fans are on and operating in the desired modes. This plugin implements 4 new instructions for Advanced Sequencer. It’s suggested that you use these 4 instructions in NINA’s Startup and End Sequence Areas. The individual instructions are:

  • DeltaT Control – Sets either the Primary or Secondary mirror heaters to one of the four available modes: Off, On, Control, and On When Less Than. These modes will use the values that are configured in the PWI3 app’s configuration.
  • Fan Control – Simply offers an on/off switch to manage the OTA fans via PWI3 and the EFA controller
  • Start PWI3 – Starts the PWI3 app
  • Stop PWI3 – Stops (kills) the PWI3 app
  • Start PWI4 – Starts the PWI4 app
  • Stop PWI4 – Stops (kills) the PWI4 app

This plugin implements its control of the DeltaT and fans by using the PWI3 app’s HTTP API. Therefore, one needs PWI3 installed and running for the Advanced Sequencer instructions to do their work. PWI3 can be started manually or by other means, but I’ve included the Start/Stop PWI3 instructions if you’d rather manage the app (or ensure that it actually is running) from within the sequence.

I’m aware that other PlaneWave systems, such as mounts, might require some pre-session setup such as axis enablement and other things. Let me know if adding that functionality to this plugin would be helpful and if you would be able to assist in testing it if so.