DJ Mixes

Mix 05 – Dreamscape 02

A continuation of my 2004 mix “Dreamscape 01”, Its represents what I think is the best in ambient chill today. This mix clocks in at just over two hours with 16 tracks of the most relaxing, sexy, and mind-riding tunes.

Track Listing:

  1. Ghostfriend – Moist
  2. Solar Fields – Air Song
  3. Matt Coldrick & Matt Hillier – Air
  4. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Central Plains
  5. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Photosynthesis
  6. H.U.V.A Network – Moon Town
  7. Kenji Williams – Aura
  8. Solar Fields – Cocoon Moon (Glastonburry Remix)
  9. Ishq – Nomad
  10. Solar Fields – Stereo Hypnosis
  11. Carbon Based Lifeforms – World of Sleepers
  12. SYNC24 – Source
  13. Gaudi & Testa – Epilogue – After the Plunge
  14. Aes Dana – Exposure (Remix)
  15. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Set Theory
  16. Cell – Erasing Pluto

Download: 192kb MP3 (166MB) // 224kb AAC (195MB)

Mix 04 – Bag o’ Dub

A Psy-Dub mix I did as a guest DJ on Expansion Broadcast internet radio on July 7, 2006. Thanks to DJs IllEffect and Shade for having me over!

Track Listing:

  1. Androcell – Process of Unfolding
  2. Shpongle – Around The World In A Tea Daze (Ott Remix)
  3. Hallucinogen – LSD (Ott Remix)
  4. Eat Static – UFO Over Trenchtown
  5. Bluetech – Leaving Winter Behind
  6. Tripswitch – Silver (Ott Remix)
  7. Ott – Cley Hill
  8. Androcell – Dub Crickets
  9. Kaiser Velten – Dubolition

Download: Bag o’ Dub – 128kb MP3 (60MB) – 66 minutes

Mix 03 – Dreamscape 01

This is an ambient/downtempo mix. Some of it beat-ful, but also portions a beatless ambient soundscapes. I put this together after trying to unsuccessfully get to sleep one night. Artists include Solar Fields, Aes Dana, Cell, and Carbon Based Lifeforms. It’s CD-friendly at 80 minutes in length.

Download: Dreamscape 01 – 192kb MP3 (108MB)

Mix 02 – Recorded Live at Konvocation’s 1 Year Anniversary Party 1/14/2005

This mix is a recording of the set I played at Konvocation’s 1 Year Anniversary party held at The Singapore Bistro in Washington, DC on 1/14/2005.

Tracklisting is forthcoming. Set length is 98 minutes.

Download: 128kb MP3 (90MB) // 128kb AAC (91MB)

Mix 01 – Galileo’s Gift

On Sunday, September 21, 2003 at 12:40:51pm Pacific time, NASA’s Galileo space probe, sent on a deliberate collision course with Jupiter, entered and most likely vaporized quickly and completely due to that planet’s high atmospheric pressure.

The sturdiness of this probe and the wealth of data it sent us of Jupiter and it’s moons over the past 8 years is admirable. It has helped us locate a likely repository of non-earth life on the moon Europa.

If one could dedicate something to a piece of hardware, well, this full-on psytrance mix is it! Excellent job to both Galileo and it’s team at NASA’s JPL.

Download: Mixed By Elektronkind – Galileo’s Gift – 79:58 / 75MB / 128kb / MP3

CD Request: e-mail daleg [at] elemental . org

Track Listing:

  1. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Pure Vida
  2. Domestic – Simulated
  3. Altöm – Not From Concentrate
  4. Jirah – Outer Access
  5. D-Tek – El Santo Pt. 1
  6. Illusion Of Self – Tone Generator
  7. Gataka – Combina
  8. Eskimo – Does This Look Infected To You?
  9. Cosma – Nonstop
  10. Dual Head vs. Wrecked Machine – Which One
  11. Jirah – The Perfect Place
  12. Polaris – Breaking Point
  13. S.O.S. – Atomic D.M.T.
  14. Shpongle – Flute Fruit

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  1. Seriously, bag o dub is my new favorite mix and i yearn for the day you release another one like it. I see your from Silver Spring, I live in rockville, good to know there are people who are into psy-trance and misc music in the area. GJ man keep it up.

  2. very nice dude i like dreamscape 02 a lot. def a good mix to listen on the ride to and from work on the metro. Bag o Dub is still my fav, do u have any more mixes like that or know anyone who mixes that style?

  3. Dreamscape 01 is a great mix! I’d love to get the playlist.

  4. Both of your Dreamscapes mixes have saved my life on quite a few occassions. Never heard anything else like them, and I love to share them with other people. Thanks.

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