Monthly archives: March, 2003

Linux in the Studio?

I recently read an article on where the author extolled virtues of using Linux in a professional recording studio.

While it was an interesting read, I think the author was a bit over-enthusiastic by making it seem that Linux is at or close to being a contender for the Macs and Windows-based systems that populate the vast majority of studios out there. Cost and admin time savings seemed to be a main and understandable theme in his writings; But when he described what he used Linux for in his environment, it appears that he is only concerned with audio editing… which is only a component of what usually goes on in a studio. My own investigation into what’s available in the Linux world didn’t turn up much else. Read on if you want my full take on Linux capabilities in the modern studio…

Whither Sound Diver for OS X?

There’s a wonderful piece of commercial software out there called Sound Diver, which is made by Germany-based and Apple-owned eMagic GmbH. This program is used in studios to help manage and program many makes and models of MIDI devices – from keyboards and synths to effects units and so-on. Scaled-down versions of SD are also bundled with many popular pieces of hardware.

But the issue at hand is so-far there is not a single word from eMagic concerning MacOS X support. eMagic’s flagship product, Logic Audio, has been running on OS X since last summer… but the only word from Hamburg on SD and OS X came in a post by Michael Haydn to the sounddiver-users mailing list saying that he is prohibited by Apple from even sneezing about new software until the product is 30 days away from release. Since then, eMagic representation on the SD-users mailing lists has comparatively dropped, leaving many users to wonder and speculate the worst.

Come on, eMagic… Your sales of SD are probably already hurt by the mass adoption of OS X and migration of many studios away from OS9. At least kill the suspense for us by saying it’s outright dead or alive!

Shock and Awe – The Russian View

Whilst surfing around (ha! does anyone still use that term?) today, I came across a Russian news site which has quite a different view of how things are going in the Iraqi desert compared to what the mainstream American outlets have been reporting.

Who to believe? The Russian site appears to have more technical details about what is going on, but the casualty numbers far exceed what the U.S. Military has been reporting… yeah, yeah… <insert conspiracy theory here> but it’s some decent food for thought and a good source of comparative information to have on hand once this whole mistake of a war is over.

Audiotron + wireless = joy

I recently set my Turtle Beach Audiotron unit up with a Linksys WET-11 802.11b bridge, and as a result, I’ve been enjoying my MP3 collection even more than before.

I’ve had the AT for over a year now, but rarely used it because the AT does not have wireless ethernet… so I had to snake a ethernet cable from my studio down the hall and into the living room. Not only was it unsightly, but the occasional guest and a stumbling me would invariably snag it with a foot.

Setup was straight forward. I plugged the WET-11 into the AT with the supplied ethernet cable, made sure the WET-11 cross-over switch was on, set up the network settings of the AT and WET-11 as prescribed, and voila… I’m streaming MP3s off of my PowerBook using SAMBA, as well as listening to internet radio stations.

And I must say, the latest firmware for the AT (3.1.1 at the time of this writing) is very cool.

Teetering into Spring

As fate would have it, I missed the UPS man at the house this morning because I was in the shower. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick my sound interface up from the Vero Road UPS depot this evening on the way back from work and not have to go through the same multi-day, multi-visit experience that I did last time.

My CD order should have arrived today. Huzzah for the ever-expanding music collection.

Suz mentioned that Dustin has a nice ass.

And finally, plane tickets for Sara and mine’s San Francisco vacation were purchased. We’re heading there in early April and plan to catch up with friends, visit the seals in Monterey, and other sundry vacation-like things.

Display of Happiness

I went out this past weekend and purchased a 20″ Apple Cinema Display from the local Apple Store in Towson. This is my first desktop LCD display, and let me say that the quality of this display is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Colors are vivid, yet not artificially enhanced; and the screen real estate is incredibly condusive to getting things done. With the DVI->ADC adaptor, I hooked the display up to my 800Mhz PowerBook and went to town.

I also purchased the 17″ Apple Studio Display for Sara’s Mac, but since her B&W G3 had no DVI or ADC ports (just plain VGA), I had to order a ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition card, which should be in her machine tonight if FedEx behaves.

With the arrival of my Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 +DSP firewire sound interface tomorrow from 8th Street Music, my studio will be complete and I can really start concentrating on music-making and not having to worry about gear that’s been cobbled together and crappy operating systems.

Plates Recovered!

I got a supoena in the mail yesterday to be a witness for the state in Maryland vs. Omar Able. Not ever recalling this name, I called the States’ Attorney’s office this morning and was told that this guy was picked up by Baltimore County police and had my plates. Trial date is July 9th.