Display of Happiness

I went out this past weekend and purchased a 20″ Apple Cinema Display from the local Apple Store in Towson. This is my first desktop LCD display, and let me say that the quality of this display is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Colors are vivid, yet not artificially enhanced; and the screen real estate is incredibly condusive to getting things done. With the DVI->ADC adaptor, I hooked the display up to my 800Mhz PowerBook and went to town.

I also purchased the 17″ Apple Studio Display for Sara’s Mac, but since her B&W G3 had no DVI or ADC ports (just plain VGA), I had to order a ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition card, which should be in her machine tonight if FedEx behaves.

With the arrival of my Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 +DSP firewire sound interface tomorrow from 8th Street Music, my studio will be complete and I can really start concentrating on music-making and not having to worry about gear that’s been cobbled together and crappy operating systems.