Audiotron + wireless = joy

I recently set my Turtle Beach Audiotron unit up with a Linksys WET-11 802.11b bridge, and as a result, I’ve been enjoying my MP3 collection even more than before.

I’ve had the AT for over a year now, but rarely used it because the AT does not have wireless ethernet… so I had to snake a ethernet cable from my studio down the hall and into the living room. Not only was it unsightly, but the occasional guest and a stumbling me would invariably snag it with a foot.

Setup was straight forward. I plugged the WET-11 into the AT with the supplied ethernet cable, made sure the WET-11 cross-over switch was on, set up the network settings of the AT and WET-11 as prescribed, and voila… I’m streaming MP3s off of my PowerBook using SAMBA, as well as listening to internet radio stations.

And I must say, the latest firmware for the AT (3.1.1 at the time of this writing) is very cool.