Whither Sound Diver for OS X?

There’s a wonderful piece of commercial software out there called Sound Diver, which is made by Germany-based and Apple-owned eMagic GmbH. This program is used in studios to help manage and program many makes and models of MIDI devices – from keyboards and synths to effects units and so-on. Scaled-down versions of SD are also bundled with many popular pieces of hardware.

But the issue at hand is so-far there is not a single word from eMagic concerning MacOS X support. eMagic’s flagship product, Logic Audio, has been running on OS X since last summer… but the only word from Hamburg on SD and OS X came in a post by Michael Haydn to the sounddiver-users mailing list saying that he is prohibited by Apple from even sneezing about new software until the product is 30 days away from release. Since then, eMagic representation on the SD-users mailing lists has comparatively dropped, leaving many users to wonder and speculate the worst.

Come on, eMagic… Your sales of SD are probably already hurt by the mass adoption of OS X and migration of many studios away from OS9. At least kill the suspense for us by saying it’s outright dead or alive!