Monthly archives: September, 2006

Google looking at OpenSolaris? (and an article cameo by yours truly)

An article over at Computer World reveals a rumor that Google might be investigating OpenSolaris as its future primary platform. The article goes on to describe the OpenSolaris community as it stands today, just over a year after its release. I’m quoted at the top of page 3.

New CDs have arrived

Ah, more fodder for the collection. Today’s batch from PsyShop includes:

  1. Adham Shaikh – Journey To The Sun (Interchill)
  2. Banco De Gaia – Farewell Ferengistan (Disco Gecko)
  3. David Bickley – Still Rivers At night (Psychonavigation)
  4. Digital Samsara – Blue Beryll (Digital Samsara)
  5. Entheogenic – Golden Cap (Chillcode Records)
  6. Gaudi – Testa 1105 (Emit)
  7. Kuba – Inside Out (Dragonfly)
  8. Space Funghi Project – Elektrik Psylocibe Experience (Sirius Records)
  9. Sundial – Metabasis (Flow)
  10. Ten Madison – Grounded (Millenium)
  11. Zero Cult – Art of Harmony (Cosmicleaf Records)
  12. Compilation – A Magical Journey 2 (Ajana)
  13. Compilation – Escape From Chaos (Tempest)
  14. Compilation – Gathering The Tribe (Interchill)
  15. Compilation – Kumharas Vol. 4 (Hoots Records)
  16. Compilation – Oxycanta (Ultimae)
  17. Compilation – Patchuli Sexy Lounge (Moonstone Records)

The hard drive: 50 years old

Here’s something that should be dear to any storage manager’s heart: the 50th birthday of the hard drive. CNet has posted a silent video of IBM’s first hard drive which held a total of 5MB of data. IBM announced this new technology on September 13, 1956.

Click here to view it. (Warning: a short ad precedes it)

SIIG eSATA II PCIe card and OpenSolaris

I went out today and picked up a 1x PCIe eSATA card made by SIIG (model SC-SAE412-S1) and put it in my OpenSolaris dev box. As expected, the si3124 driver picked up on the Silicon Image 3132 chip on this card and was fine with it. Now I just need to get a multi-bay external SATA disk box to hook up to this card so I may continue with my NAS appliance project.

It seems that the non-RAID SATA/eSATA cards made by SIIG are all based on either the SI 3124 (for PCI/PCIX) and 3132 (for PCIe) chips, so they’re a safe bet if you’re looking for such a thing for your Solaris 10/OpenSolaris box, as the si3124 driver (part of the SATA framework) should jive with it.

cfgadm -al output with a Maxtor STM3500630AS disk attached to each of the two eSATA ports on this card:

/usr/X11/bin/scanpci output:

Those two disks are now a mirrored set in a ZFS pool:

It works!