New low-end Sun x64 servers soon?

A recent update to Sun’s entry-level server warranty matrix lists two new mystery servers – The X2100 M2 and the X2200 M2.

I’ll speculate here… I bet that the X2100 M2 is an updated X2100 with iLOM rather than the underwhelming SMDC option card. I can’t think of what the X2200 M2 is. There has never been an X2200. Perhaps this is a X2100 M2 with 4 SATA drive slots, based on the chassis used for the StorageTek 5800? Hopefully the release date for these machines is near and we’ll find out soon…

UPDATE: It seems that as of 1835 EST 7/31/2006 Sun has removed all references to the aforementioned models. But if you look at the page source the table rows which contained the mentions of the X2100 M2 and X2200 M2 are merely commented out, so just right-click, View Source, and search for “X2100 M2”. Looks like it was one of those pre-release site prep “oopsies” that tend to happen. I hope we’ll see the official word soon.


New server clues

UPDATE 2: Phillip Fayers provides some more detail and thoughts on these pending servers, apparently code-named “Leo” and “Taurus”, with a workstation named “Munich”. These names make sense as the original X2100 was code-named “Aquarius” (which means either a zodiac or constellation-themed naming scheme.)

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