Monthly archives: December, 2005

This is nuts

So a few nights ago I tended to my long-ignored resume on It has been inactive for at least a year so I updated it with a few things and made it active (searchable by employers) again. Since then, I’ve clocked no fewer than 3 phone calls and/or emails a day… even on Christmas day I received email inquiries regarding my availability. It does seem that the job market is still very much viable for those with more than 6 or 7 years’ experience.

Update on the sitar lessons

It has been a good two months since I first started taking lessons from Alif, and I’ve been progressing well, learning basic scales and rhythms. Alif is leaving on the 29th for a month to play at concerts in Bengaladesh and India, so to make sure I stay on point with my practice while she’s away, I brought over my MiniDisc recorder and we recorded examples for my homework. Here is a MP3 of that recording in case you’re interested. It covers basic Pa, Ta, Ni, Sa… scales as well as Alankar 2’s and 3’s, and da-di-di-da-ra strumming.