Scanner goodness

I finally went out and bought a flatbed scanner today. The model I got is a Canon LiDE 500F, a fairly recent one which includes a 35mm film scanner and was a pretty decent deal, clocking in at $129 at the local CompUSA.

The main impetus behind buying this is to start scanning and archiving the cover art of my ~900 music CDs, but since this came with a film scanner, I’m now scanning in the 35mm negatives from my trip to Ireland with Jacki back in August of 1999. See, even though I took the pictures, Jacki ended up with the prints and I got the negatives and I haven’t seen much of those prints, ever… so now I’ll get to see these pictures I took thanks to this nifty scanner from Canon.

Oh, and it likes MacOS X 10.4, too.

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