Orion Inteliscope Cable and Adaptor

Alright, so now I figured out the RS-232 pinouts on the telescope control computer interface. On its 4 wire RJ-11 plug, I found that Pin-1 was xmit, Pin-2 was recv, and Pin-3 was ground. Pin-4 is apparently unused. Bare basic RS-232 with no handshaking or CTS/CTR. I managed to work this backwards and figure out the wiring of a RJ-45 to DB9 adapter I had on hand, and then one Blue Moon beer later I had figured out how I should wire this RJ-11 -> RJ-45 -> DB9 adapter and did so successfully.

Now as I turn and raise/lower my telescope mount, it talks to my laptop which then displays, on screen, what it's looking at in the sky (not an actual picture of what it sees, mind you, but a simulated representation.) Full sightless tracking in full effect. Now to get some motors on this sucker.

Ain't technology sumptin'. This coolness is right up there with the invention of toilet seats.