Monthly archives: December, 2003

Jordan’s Steakhouse

This past Friday evening, Sara, her mother Julia, Jason, and I went to Jordan’s Steakhouse at 8085 Main St. in Old Ellicott City. We arrived early in the evening and were greeted by the wonderful staff, including the maitre d’hotel, Dave.

After sitting at the wonderful bar for an hour, sipping drinks (I taught the tender how to make a Blue Lady) we went to the dining room and read the menu. We ordered appetizers (the Calamari and the Cheese plate… I was impressed with the assortment of cheese on the latter… not your typical stuff and it was very good.) and our main course. I had the Filet Mignon, a tall cut of prime beef… man, it was cooked to perfection. The char on the outside was incredibly flavorful. Sara had the Rockfish, which she enjoyed very much.

Overall, I must say that Jordan’s is definitely tops on my list of restaurants to persue for the next special occasion. The staff, atomosphere, and food were all excellent, and I’d recommend Jordan’s to anyone.

Maryland Sex Offender Registry

While out browsing the web today, I came across the Maryland Sex Offender Registry. A searchable database and downloadable PDF files broken down by ZIP code are available there.

Audio Units (AU) vs. VST

Over in the OSX Audio forums, Marc posted a very enlightening comparison of the built-in MacOS X audio plugin API, Audio Units with the old standby, Steinberg’s VST plugin API.

Very well worth the read for anyone who deals with audio on MacOS X!