Moving Right Along…

The Grand Finale of the summer is happening this weekend! Yes, Maataa Mandaara III will kick off this friday in the serenely beautiful West Virginia mountains wedged between the borders of Ohio and Pennsylvania. This is the yearly gathering of the mid-atlantic trance tribes… a great time, as always, to see old friends again and make new ones. If you’re interested, you’re invited! Just check out the info at the afrementioned link and we’ll see you in the dance field.

Tonight was spent heading up to the Chesapeake House rest stop on I95 to pick up the sub and monitors for the party from Allen, who drove down from Philly. He bought his daughter, Ananda, along and she was full of smiles and giggles. Even she, at the age of… well 2 I think, couldn’t wait for this weekend to come along.

Earlier today, modisch introduced me to his interesting and New! and Improved! blog. Very good thoughts from this guy, and he seems to be more together than your typical dcraves ilk. He’s now permalinked over on the side.

In other news, my new DJ rig is slowly coming together! Well, slower than I anticipated. Earlier this month, I ordered two new CDJ-1000MK2s, a Allen & Heath Xone 62 mixer, and a RoadReady case to put it all in (links to this gear is on the music page.) Sadly, one of the CDJs arrived broken, and had to be RMA’d. I’m still waiting for word on when the replacement will be shipped out. BTW, I ordered this from Pro Sound & Stage Lighting… is it normal to get damaged gear from them?

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