Monthly archives: September, 2003

Starscape 2003


Sara and I went out to Starscape 2003 last night. We spent most of saturday burning copies of my mix CD to hand out (Sara whipped up the CD insert on her Mac since mine doesn’t like doing much of anything else when it’s writing CDs. One day I’ll get that 32x Plextor into a FireWire case. Anyway…) and then ordered some Chinese delivery for dinner before heading out. That chinese turned out to be our downfall for the evening.

Bush’s Glaring Lies

Bush gave his weekly radio address this past Saturday wherein he sought to reassure his listeners that progress is being made in the world as a direct result of his descisions. The most noticeable amongst Bush’s quotes is “The world is safer today because, in Afghanistan, our broad coalition destroyed the training camps of terrorists and removed the brutal regime that sponsored terror. The world is safer today because we continue to hunt down al Qaeda and its terrorist allies, and have captured or killed nearly two-thirds of al Qaeda’s known leaders and key facilitators.”

However, on Friday, the U.S. State Department issued a new “Worldwide Travel Advisory” warning U.S. citizens that terrorist danger is afoot no matter where they go, and should be constantly in a state of high awareness.

Mr. Bush, if our world was indeed “safer” as you have expoused, then why is it that we, as U.S. citizens, are still being told that no matter where we go, we must watch for what may be lurking in the shadows? To what degree have you measured the supposedly improved safety of this world? Mr. Bush, this is merely a prime example of your knack of expressing clouded facts and half-truths. You are a disgrace to the integrity of the country you have led.

Today’s Link Of The Day

Is Larry Carlson’s Mind-Morphing Flash Movies.

Amazing Nature

There’s an incredible picture of the beauty and power of nature over on Modi’s site this morning. I’ll post one here as well. Anyone know of a good site with artistic depictions of nature’s power anywhere? I just don’t want another random tornado picture. The origin of the following picture is unknown:

A New Mix and Site Design

Alright, so I got myself busy behind the scenes during this long weekend and busted out some new graphics for this site and a new full-on psychedelic trance mix! Many thanks and kisses to my dear love Sara for giving me inspriation for both as well as some Photoshop tips.

To listen to the new mix, click here!

For Sale

I need to make room in my studio so I’m selling a set of Pioneer CDJ-100Ss which come in their very own home, a Gründorf coffin (carpeted outside.) The coffin is designed to hold the two CDJs plus a Pioneer DJM-300 mixer, although any mixer of similar dimension will fit.

Both are in fine working order in a smoke-free studio, and I’m the original owner of 4 years. Asking $250 for the rig. This is a veritable steal!

Pictures are here.

Pick up in Arbutus, MD (right next to UMBC, outside of Baltimore), or Laurel where I work during the day. You *might* convince me to go further if sushi is involved :)

Update: These have been sold.


Someone please explain to me why I find Jerkcity incredibly amusing. It’s pretty much the only comic I read on a daily basis.

Studio Layout Updated

I updated the Visio of my new studio layout. It differs quite a bit from the previous one. The PC has been replaced by a Mac, there’s no more need for the Mackie mixer, and the DJ rig was upgraded. Check it out here.

Helping Erowid

If you’re in the Chicago area Sunday, October 12, then be sure to go down to the Beat Kitchen for a benefit for the indespensible website Erowid

Daniel Pinchbeck will be presenting oral readings titled Break Open The Head: A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism. The full $10 admission is donated to keeping Erowid up and informative. Further details and directions may be found on the flyer.

ASCAP Wants To Be Like RIAA

Well, apparently feeling left out by all the press coverage the RIAA is getting over it’s mass-production of file sharing lawsuits, the ASCAP is joining the fray by demanding that towns and cities pay royalties for the songs it plays in situations ranging from hold music to sponsored outdoor concerts that have cover bands.

Prepare to get a bill in the mail if a ASCAP droid catches you humming On The Road Again to yourself.