There’s a cat in the house!

This morning, Sara’s mom, Julia, drove down from Pennsylvania with Matise. Matise is Sara’s tabby that lived with her in New Orleans. When Sara moved up from NOLA last year, she bought Matise along to live at Julia’s farm.

Well, as it turned out, Julia’s companion, Kevin, thought that their one cat was enough and Matise was too much of a distraction, so Sara and I talked and we agreed that Matise could come and live with us.

So, this morning, Matise arrived and proceeded to be skittish and whiney in her new home. I feel for the cat, as a sudden change of environs from a rural Pennsylvania farm to a city house is quite a shock. I’m sure she’ll adjust like all animals do, for better or worse. Right now, my main worry is what effect Matise will have on Sara’s asthma.

Time will tell, and soon I’ll have pictures of Matise up.

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