Try to picture how you spend your time working on your computer. You may keep an address book, update your mutual fund spreadsheets, write a document or two… pretty normal stuff to do with a computer, most would agree.

Now, take an operating system very much like one popularly used at home, and layer an application on top of it which provides the sole vote tallying mechanism for many state and local jurusdictions throughout the United States. You then have a Diebold Election Systems GEMS system.

Think about it. Your precint’s or state’s vote tallying system is being entrusted to commercial software with questionable technical integrity running on an operating system which is not much better. What about these machines out in the field? With no paper trail, how do we know that the data entered by voters is what comes out in the end?

Vote certification and integrity is losing the required human touch. Two-hundred years of using paper (the right way) can’t be wrong.