Cosma Killed in Accident

I found out today that Avihel Levni, who produced many loved tunes under the name of Cosma, was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident while on vacation in Goa, India. Avihel, while I never knew him personally, made many works which have inspired me greatly.

Burner Housewarming Tonight

Tonight, Rob and Suz are having a party to open their new house. I personally can’t wait to taste the catered Nepali food that’ll be there. I’ll be providing tuneage for the party… perhaps I’ll record some of it and post it on the music page.

Baltimore Crime Map

Baltimore City’s website offers an interactive map of crimes comitted throughout the city. It is searchable via address, police district, or neighbourhood and displays data by crime type for the past 90 days.

Baltimore Homicides

In another chilling but not-so-suprising Sun article, Baltimore’s homicide number as of Feb. 4 2003 stands at 27. It was 22 at the same time last year according to this article.

Baltimore Logic Audio User Group

I received an email today from a chap at eMagic USA who forwarded a request to all of their Baltimore users concerning forming a local users’ group for their products. This is a great idea! Mailing lists and message boards are good, but nothing beats getting together in person and Read More …

I’ve been to hell…

And I spell it… I spell it “DMV”. Anyone who’s been there knows precisely what I mean. I stood there patiently and choked back the urge to scream And if I had my druthers, I’d screw a chimpanzee. Call it… pointless…. (with apologies to Primus)

MP3/OGG Streaming and YP Servers

Oddsock committed the new YP directory server code to the Icecast2 server today. While this feature makes icecast2 far more useful as a production MP3/OGG streaming server, it got me thinking about how YP metadata can be improved…

There’s a cat in the house!

This morning, Sara’s mom, Julia, drove down from Pennsylvania with Matise. Matise is Sara’s tabby that lived with her in New Orleans. When Sara moved up from NOLA last year, she bought Matise along to live at Julia’s farm. Well, as it turned out, Julia’s companion, Kevin, thought that their Read More …

Farewell Spacefarers

This morning, at 9am, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke up and disentegrated over northern Texas after begining it’s descent towards home. All 7 astronauts are feared dead and no cause has been determined as of yet. I wish the familes of those seven scientists and aviators my sincere, heart-felt condolences, Read More …

Making the Escape Plan

Well, it’s been talked about, thought about, and several times I’ve been pushed to the brink of making the final decision… but after the license plates getting stolen off of my car last night, I’ve come to the foregone conclusion that I can no-longer Believe.