Monthly archives: January, 2003

Why I Hate CSS (Or Rather, Lack of Rendering Standards)

I do all of my stuff on a Macintosh Powerbook running OSX. It’s a great little machine, all said and done. And it’s a LOT easier to run multiple browsers on it than it was in Windows XP.

So anyway, as I edit the CSS file for this site, I view the effects those edits in three different browsers – Mozilla, Safari, and Internet Explorer. All of which have their latest versions installed.

But the annoying rendering quirks between them are beginning to seem insurmountable without undue labor in CSS hacking. The root of the issue seems to actually be the <div> HTML tag. Perhaps I should use tables instead.

Inaugural Blog Entry

Here it is, the first entry in my first blog. Now I can join the phalanx of other people who put their thoughts on the web.

Let’s see… Tonight, I’m heading over to 1205 to join in the seeing-off festivies for friends Alicia and … uh… hmm. Oh yes, Phil Darnowski. Rumour has it that they’re making for the west coast. Hey, perhaps we’ll be neighbours again if all goes as planned in the next year.